About Us

At Constituent Contact Services, we work to keep your constituents are kept up to date on how you’re best representing their interests. We provide clear and concise messaging that will inform and excite your district about your work in the Capitol.

We produce strategic planning and targeting for all of your franking needs. Our access to premier data resources ensures your message is being delivered within your district to your desired constituent universe. 

Our franking experience ensures that all our products work within franking rules, guidelines and deadlines.

How do we deliver your message?

+ Direct Mail

Our all-inclusive mail experience handles every aspect of the process from writing to designing, data procurement, production, all the way through to delivery so you can focus on delivering results to your district.

Franked direct mail gives you the opportunity to communicate updates in a creative, eye-catching and easy-to-understand manner that will be delivered to a targeted audience, which is especially helpful in delivering messages to non-digital audiences, such as seniors.

We offer several methods to deliver these messages:

Legislative Updates

End-of-Year Reviews

Town Hall Invitations

499 Cards

District Surveys

+ IVR Surveys

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys offer a new and innovative franking
option for members to reach into their districts and hear directly from constituents. As a form of public opinion research, IVR provides up-to-date and reliable insights into voters’ top concerns, issues within the district and overall awareness and name recognition of the member and congressional office.

Unlike tele-town halls, our IVR polling is scalable and can be rapidly deployed with little to no commitment from official staff. Our team makes top-line data and deliverables available within one business day of data collection, including contact info for official newsletter signups. In short, IVR surveys are an affordable and accurate option for any member looking for real-time insights into their district.

+ Tele-Town Halls

With COVID-19 measures still a part of our daily lives, there is no better way to create an in-person town hall experience than with a tele-town hall. We will connect you with hundreds to thousands of constituents at a single time so you can deliver your message and answer their questions in real time. We handle all the data collection and monitor the tele-town hall as it is happening to give you a seamless experience as you connect with your constituents.

+ Digital

By implementing informative, attention-grabbing creatives, our digital advertising experts make use of the best ad inventory available and will continually fine-tune your campaign to guarantee the highest level of optimization.

We work to make sure your message is delivered to your specific audience, while staying on budget and keeping costs down.

+ Radio

Radio is more popular than ever between satellite and terrestrial options, and we are ready to help you get your message on the airwaves. We will handle all aspects of the process, from scriptwriting, to production, to media buying, ensuring the delivery of your message to your constituents in a powerful and ear-catching way.

Contact us today to keep your district up to date on the latest legislative news that will be affecting them!